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Founded in 2005, Milan, Italy. We’re the ultimate one-stop solution for all your waxing products. Offering a variety of products from professional waxes, salon quality warmers, and accessories. We combine premium European ingredients, years of expertise and thoughtful practices to deliver quality products.

European hard wax: designed for modern estheticians to ease the depilatory process with our stripless formula. Whether you’re looking for a flexible all-over use, hypoallergenic, or strong hard wax we have everything you need. Carefully formulated with the finest ingredients. Grips the hair firmly at the root to delay further hair growth. Ensuring satisfaction and flawless results.

Professional strip soft wax: for traditional estheticians. Unlike traditional brands that just use glyceril rosinate we use a custom blend of PEG3 beeswax. Less sticky on the skin and requires a smaller amount of wax during the application process to get the job done. You won’t believe the difference until you try it yourself!

Wax machines: manufactured with the finest materials. Designed to last and evenly generate / distribute the right amount of heat. Our high-grade machines are the ideal solution. Professional quality created to meet the demands of busy estheticians.

Premium wax accessories: The most comprehensive collection, our variety of tools include: spatulas, waxing rolls, and pre/post depilatory lotions. Our set of spatulas are the ideal solution for body application in small and large areas.

Surely, we’re here when you need us. We understand running a business is not easy. Your trust and satisfaction is our top priority. If you’re looking for wholesale waxing products, we supply the tool.

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