Soft Wax

Wax Supply’s professional strip soft wax for traditional estheticians. Formulated only with the highest quality natural ingredients. Unlike traditional brands that just use glyceril rosinate we use a custom blend of PEG3 beeswax. Less sticky on the skin and requires a smaller amount of wax during the application process to get the job done. You won’t believe the difference until you try it yourself!

Great on all hair types: coarse, curly, thick and thin. Precisely designed to be semisolid in consistency with a low-melting point. Allowing estheticians to serve customers expeditiously. The ideal choice for speed waxers. Once you’ve decided which of our soft wax formula suits you best here are a few things to consider before using our products. First, our products are not suited for home use. Second, our collection of soft waxes require strips.

Therefore, it is crucial that you have mastered a proper waxing process and technique. We recommend letting the can sit at the highest temperature for 10-15 minutes. Once your soft wax has reached a low viscosity point you must then lower your warmer temperature to a low mid-level setting. Please proceed to wait an additional 5 minutes until your wax has reached a syrup-like consistency.

Soft Wax
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Frequently Asked Questions

The exclusive supplier of premium soft waxes from Italy. Wax Supply has a strong presence globally with over a decade of experience in the depilation industry. Offering a variety of products from professional waxes, salon quality warmers, and accessories. 

Soft waxes were traditionally the go-to in the spa industry back in the day. They require a strip to remove and aren’t as convenient to use as hard waxes. Soft waxes are usually in semi-solid form and melt in very low temperatures. Some estheticians may prefer soft vs hard but the key difference between the two is the feasibility of the waxing process. Hard wax does not require strips and can be removed right off the skin without leaving a sticky icky mess behind. Soft waxes are typically the ideal choice for speed waxers.
Our soft waxes are available in semi-solid form and have very low-melting points. Fundamental mistakes during the melting process can cause the soft wax to become very low in viscosity. Typically, this is caused by two factors. Either the esthetician is using the wrong temperature setting or the wax was left in warmer for too long. To avoid complications while using our soft wax, don’t heat up your wax for longer than 10-15 minutes. Additionally, we recommend using a low temperature setting in your warmer.
If you’re using one of our professional salons’ warmers, we recommend letting your soft wax sit in a low-mid level temperature setting for 10-15 minutes. Once your wax has reached a low viscosity point you must then lower your warmers temperature to a low-level setting.
All of our soft waxes are formulated to remove all hair types: coarse, curly, thick and thin. Our wax colors may change based upon the different ingredient profiles. Different mineral oils and scents are the key differentiating factors on our soft waxes.
We don’t recommend mixing our soft waxes since each is formulated differently. Mixing our formulas can change the performance, consistency and melting point of the product.
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Soft Wax for Speedy Waxers

Everybody is always busy! We’re constantly on the clock. Our soft wax is the ideal choice for speedy waxers. If speed is priority, our custom formula is designed for estheticians looking to service their customers expeditiously. The result, a faster waxing experience that translates into satisfied repeat customers.

We’ve made it even easier to purchase everything you need to kick-start your career. Our soft wax kits are created for estheticians passionate about the waxing industry as much as we are. Our kits are convenient, help you save money, and come equipped with the finest products and accessories on the market.

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