Hard Wax

Wax Supply offers a wide variety of professional European hard wax beans / beads. Formulated for the modern esthetician to facilitate the depilatory process with our stripless formula. With over a decade of experience, our brand has established itself as a global leader in the depilatory industry. Whether you’re looking for a flexible all-over use, hypoallergenic, or strong hard wax we have everything you need. Explore our collection of hard wax beads / beans and discover the perfect formula for your waxing needs.

Our best seller is our blue formula perfectly suited for all-over use. If you’re a professional esthetician looking for something more sensitive on the skin our pearl hypoallergenic formula is ideal for delicate customers. For those strong stubborn thick coarse hairs, our silver deluxe formula is the next choice. Once you’ve decided which formula suits you best here are a few things to consider before using our products. First, our products are not suited for home use. Second, our collection of wax beans / beads all have a low-melting points.

Therefore, it is crucial that you have mastered a proper waxing process and technique. We recommend letting the beads sit at the highest temperature for 20-30 minutes. Once your wax beads have reached a low viscosity point you must then lower your warmers temperature to a low mid-level setting. Please proceed to wait an additional 15-20 minutes until your beads have reached a syrup-like consistency.

Hard Wax
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Frequently Asked Questions

The exclusive supplier of premium hard wax from Italy. Wax Supply has a strong presence globally with over a decade of experience in the depilation industry.

Soft waxes were traditionally the go-to in the spa industry back in the day. They require a strip to remove and aren’t as convenient to use as hard waxes. Soft waxes are usually in semi-solid form and melt in very low temperatures. Some estheticians may prefer soft vs hard but the key difference between the two is the feasibility of the waxing process. Hard wax does not require strips and can be removed right off the skin without leaving a sticky icky mess behind. Soft waxes are typically the ideal choice for speed waxers.
Our hard waxes can break during the removal process if applied incorrectly. Typically, this is caused by two factors. Either the esthetician is applying the wax in layers too thin or the wax was left on the skin for too long. To avoid complications while using our hard wax, we recommend applying a thick layer of wax to the skin. To get a groove of the consistency of our wax create a lip for grip to remove the wax at the end of the strip. The density of the wax will determine the feasibility of the removal. Please note, the wax should not sit on the skin for more than 45 seconds. If your wax is still wet after 45 seconds, please allow an additional 30 seconds until the wax has dried.
If you’re using one of our professional salons’ warmers, we recommend letting your hard wax to sit in the highest temperature for 20-30 minutes. Once your wax has reached a low viscosity point you must then lower your warmers temperature to a low mid-level setting. Please proceed to wait an additional 10-15 minutes until your wax has reached a syrup-like consistency.
Each one of our wax has a different color and formula specific to your needs. Some of our waxes are more aggressive than others. Our blue hard wax formula is suited for all-over use. If you’re looking for sensitive areas, we recommend our pearl hypoallergenic hard wax formula. For strong stubborn hairs, our silver deluxe hard wax formula is perfect for thick coarse hairs.
We don’t recommend mixing our hard waxes since each is formulated differently. Mixing our formulas can change the performance, consistency and melting point of the product.
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Professional Hard Wax Beads / Beans

Our hard waxing products were carefully formulated for the ultimate customer experience. With naturally-derived ingredients that are designed with elasticity and comfort in mind.  Our unique hard wax formulas are made for every-use. The result, a more pleasant waxing experience that translates into satisfied repeat customers.

We’ve made it even easier to purchase everything you need to kickstart your career. Our hard wax kits are created for estheticians passionate about the waxing industry as much as we are. Our kits are convenient, help you save money, and come equipped with the finest products and accessories on the market.

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